BOD - services

In the wide field of network technology, we can assist you in various situations. Our main focus here is on the small- and medium-sized companies, which need a competent IT partner at their side. But of course, especially in the field of network cabling, we also perform large projects.


The fundamentals of each network device is a well-build infrastructure. We provide network wiring in copper and fiber range. Furthermore, we have the technical capabilities for measuring , certificating and troubleshooting.


We provide assistance, if your network is not working the way you would like it. We can check wiring or configurations of active devices.

wireless network

Site survey, analysis, installation, configuration and supervision - we got solutions for various scenarios for wireless structures in smaller and bigger setups.

WAN solutions

Almost every today´s company is dependent on the www. Mobile workers and remote sites for example are integrated via VPN into your company´s network. Together we find the right solution for your productivity and security needs.


We assist in selection, installation and use of various server platforms. Features like data backup and virtualization play a big role here and can be realized by us.


We can deliver, install or configure various hardware from common-known manufacturers. Also, repairs of devices after the manufacturers warranty/guarantee is possible with us.


To protect your hardware from power outages or power fluctuations we install UPS-systems (uninterruptible power supply). We also provide maintenance and services, such as regular and necessary battery swap.


Within individual service contracts we offer a up to 24-hour support and are able to respond quickly in case of emergency. We also take care of the repair of defective devices and provide assistance with planned expansions of your setup.

networking & switching

As the central point of your network, switches play an important role. Whether simple access- or complex core-switches with routing and redundancy functionality - current devices offer a variety of options to optimize the security and stability of your network.

voice applications

Analog, ISDN, VoIP – we take care of all your questions about telephone communications and can design new structures as changings on existing setups.